カルフォルニア市長のスピーチ " California's Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006"

"THE GOVERNATOR" (The Big Energy Gamble, by NOVA) より抜粋

I want to move forward in a very aggressive way because I know that California, even though it's a little tiny spot on the globe, the power of influence that we have over the rest of the world is the equivalent of a whole continent.


Here's the bottom line. We know that there is global warming—climate change—and we know that we are creating it. The most respected scientists have made that clear. By the thousands, scientists have made that clear.


Let's figure out how to measure [the emissions]. Let's study it. Let's work together with the think tanks, with the universities, with the scientists.


I'm a big believer in measurement. If you want to lose 30 pounds, you first have to step on a scale and say, "I weigh 240 pounds, so therefore I want to be 210. Let's measure that every day. What progress are we making?" It's the same thing with this.


We can talk about big airplanes and big cars and big this and big that. This is all interim talk. In the end, you can fly as big a plane as you want, as long as the engine doesn't emit greenhouse gases. That's what it's about. Doesn't matter what the size is. Let's figure out the new technology.


Government has screwed up so many times that people don't trust government anymore. They [politicians] say one thing, and they do something else. And sometimes people in government have no experience of what it takes to run a business. Every single day they make decisions here in this building [the California State House] that, if you would go and sign all the bills, they would destroy our economy.


"Well, at least there is a Republican sitting there who understands about business. He has been a businessman himself. He has made millions of dollars. He has been successful in his career. He understands that we need to be protected."


You should never ever be afraid of failure. The more afraid you are of failure, the less you will ever push yourself. If I worried about failing to lift 500 pounds, then I would never be able to break a record. Never.


America has really never gone through hardship, so America doesn't know how to conserve, like in Europe. I grew up after the Second World War [in Austria], and every single time I walked out of a room, my mother would smack me on the hand if I did not switch off the light.


One thing you know for sure: You can never reach a goal if you don't set one. Because remember, you can have the most sophisticated ship in the world, but if the captain doesn't know where to go, he will be drifting around and will never end up anywhere. We've always got to know where to go and what the specific goal is. Shoot for it without the fear that you could fail. That is the bottom line.


和訳 by 南の猫

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